WELCOME! Let’s Talk About Award Season

This is a brand new blog about many different facets of entertainment.  It will include reviews of musicals and shows, sports talk and news from the entertainment industry.  We have set up this blog as a way to get more writing experience and in the future more exposure.  We hope you can join us on this journey and that you have fun and leave maybe a little more informed than you came.

Award Season

As you are probably aware, award season is upon us! Nominations have been announced for Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe awards and the Oscars nominations will be announced January 16, 2014 on ABC.  Awards are excited for several reasons: the acclaim for the movies/shows and their creators, fashion and the red carpet attire at the actual awards, but my favorite part is being able to read the ‘For Your Consideration’ scripts that are made available to members and the public.  Here is a website which features links to all of the available 2014 scripts for award consideration and I highly recommend checking them out! They include everything from Dallas Buyer’s Club to Frozen.  Happy reading! 
Some Important Dates:
20th Screen Actor’s Guild Awards: January 18, 2014
71st Golden Globe Awards: January 12, 2014
86th Oscar Nominations Announcement: January 16, 2014
86th Oscar Awards: March 2, 2014
Another interesting thing about awards is who’s going to win, as well as, to what extent the SAG and Golden Globe results predict Oscar nominations and winners. One source I use for my predictions, other than personal taste and preference, is the Feinberg Forecast by Scott Feinberg of The Hollywood Reporter.  He makes some very interesting analyses of the results and updates frequently until the completion of awards season.  Take a look at it and a happy awards season to you! 
Thank you for reading this post and look for more posts shortly. 

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