Theater People – Annaleigh Ashford

We are so excited about this AMAZING new podcast.  Theater People, Patrick and Vonia, are our soulmates!

Since the debut, we have heard interviews with Cady Huffman, Ben Rimalower, and the newest Annaleigh Ashford!
This is an interview that I have been waiting for since they announced it. Annaleigh Ashford is known for her roles in Legally Blonde the Musical, Wicked, and Kinky Boots.  She is also on the new TV show Masters of Sex, and the awesome webseries Submissions Only.  She also made several appearances on Smash. During the interview, Annaleigh and Patrick, take a trip down memory lane – looking at career milestones, performances, roles, and casts. 
The interview starts with a flashback to Annaleigh’s ‘early days’ – such as the interesting fact that she graduated from high school and college early.  She laughs and states, “People sometimes don’t believe that I graduated from both.”  She also loves fashion, partly due to the fact that she can express her feelings through dress.  

She started as a go-go dancer for Lady Starlight – her name was “Hollywood Starr.”  One thing that is interesting is that Lady Gaga played piano for Lady Starlight in the very beginning.  On the Theater People website, there is an awesome picture of an early Lady Gaga with Annaleigh.

One question asked if she had ever considered being a pop singer, as opposed to a Broadway performer.  She noted that she has always been inclined to tell a story through her singing. So, if she would be a pop star, it would be in “1969 or the early seventies.”  

The most recent milestone, besides getting married(!), is her role as Lauren in the Tony-Award winning Kinky Boots.  She tells many beautiful stories about her time in the show.  One particular part of their discussion is the impact the show has made, and some backlash the show has received.  If any of our readers, and their listeners, remember, the show got some attention at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade last year.  Many viewers were uncomfortable and angry with the network for allowing the show to have drag queens performing.  However, I think most of the fans of Kinky Boots and musical theatre fans understand that you CAN “change the world when you change your mind.”  It is a show that can do that in a lovely way.  Annaleigh and Patrick both mention that the show is promoting acceptance in every performance.

One of the most special parts of the interview is Annaleigh’s discussion of her Tony Nomination. She tells that her husband watched the Tony nominations while she huddled under the blanket.  He would yell out the nominations to her.  They take a detour to talk about her beautiful wedding.  She jokingly says that “the rain was our grandmothers’ crying tears of joy.”

They also take time to answer some awesome Twitter questions.  Whether figuring out how many marshmellows she can fit into her mouth or favorite gifts from her fans, Annaleigh is the definition of cuteness and sweetness.  And if you haven’t heard Annaleigh’s impersonation of Cyndi Lauper is spot-on!!!

For anyone looking for a new musical podcast to subscribe to, PLEASE check out Theater People.  It is amazing!!!!  There are going to be some amazing people on the show, so get ready for an incredible ride.

For more information:
Theater People Podcast.
Theater People Twitter and Facebook
Theater People on iTunes

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