Review: House of Cards Season 2 (spoiler free)

At 3:00 a.m. Est on Valentine’s day Netflix released season 2 of their original series House of Cards.  The first season saw a great many ups and downs, and started off very strong and entertaining.  By its 13th episode it had lost some  fluidity of the dialogue and it had become more about the writers than seemed necessary.  However, the writers of the show came back with a force for the second season.

The writing was witty and clever throughout the second season.While watching it is easy to take note of exceptionally written dialogue and scenes and I found myself mesmerized by some of the amazing directing choices.  Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright of course brought their impeccable acting talents to the script and bring life to the characters on the page.

From the very first moments of chapter 14, the audience’s attention is captured and one will likely want to watch all 13 episodes in as little time as possible.  The first episode includes a bloody twist which immediately symbolizes a change in directionality as far as character and story focus is concerned.  The show has the perfect recipe of corruption, violence, sex, reality, and politics to make it thrilling and engaging.

One of the most interesting aspects of the second season is its focus on a wider range of characters.  Of course Frank and Claire Underwood are the main focus, but more subplots are revealed and there are new and ever-changing players in the game.   That is not to say that there is a random focus on new characters, on the contrary, the subplots intertwine and enhance the telling of Underwood’s story.  This is a refreshing change from the end of season one when the characters and their stories had started to become extraneous.

If you enjoyed the first season, you will not be disappointed with the next thirteen episodes.  Given the way the first season ended, you may think you know where the show, or at least Underwood, is headed, but you probably can’t predict how he goes about getting there.  And once he is there, the ending of this season leaves you wanting so much more (at least 13 episodes more). It may make you slightly regret watching all 13 episodes in a 13 hour time frame, but you can always watch them again, or start from the beginning and introduce it to a friend while you’re at it.

Watch season 2 here. Follow House of Cards on twitter.


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