Album Review: American Authors’ Oh What a Life

Zac Barnett, Dave Rublin, Matt Sanchez and James Shelley make up the band the American Authors. They hail from Brooklyn, NY and have paid their dues on the path to musical success before being signed by Island Def Jam Records.  You’ve probably heard of them, or seen them on your TV, and you’ve definitely heard their hit song “Best Day of My Life”! Their single has been climbing the charts and has found success on the airwaves, partially because of placement in multiple movie trailers. 

The band’s debut album, Oh What a Life, dropped on March 3, 2014 and is filled with the familiar folk-based pop sound.  The majority of their songs have a pop sound, but with other musical elements thrown in creating a common thread throughout the album.  “Trouble” and “Luck” are prime examples of the folk-pop sound the band has become known for.  It’s a unique sound, but something you could see yourself easily singing along to and listening to on the radio.  The album encompasses a large range of emotions and expresses them through more sentimental songs and rocky more synth-based tracks.

The more rocky and upbeat tracks on the album include “Think About It”, “Hit It”, and “Best Day of My Life.” These songs are lively and kicking.  They have a richness to them that shows that the band believes what they are singing.  “Home” has a similar feel and is a song that is both sentimental and slow at times, but then picks up into a more powerful sound.  A few of these songs, “Home” and “Oh What a Life” among others, have an almost Celtic rock sound to them. 

There is a common theme throughout the album of life, and one’s past.  The songs really speak to the band’s journey and their take on life.  There aren’t any filler songs or songs that appear to be written to be strategic singles or airway ploys.  It can be easily seen that the band took their time and collected songs that represented them and developed an album they could take pride in.
Their music is enjoyable and mainstream.  This is a solid first album, there’s a versatility of sound, but you might find yourself asking if these songs belong to other familiar bands until you are more familiar with them.  They have a sound that has the potential to grow into something really amazing and being signed with Island Def Jam they have a real shot at nurturing their sound and being successful, even wildly so.  They’re four cool guys who are passionate about what they do, and they deserve nothing but the best.

Buy their album on iTunes and be sure to catch them on tour in a city near you! 
Follow American Authors on twitter to stay up to date! 

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