Album Review: Louder by Lea Michele

Lea Michele’s album was released on March 3.  Singles from the album have been released bi-monthly in an effort to hype up the event.  However, the rest of the album is now available for purchase!  In an earlier post on Entertainment Happenings, we took a look at some of the early singles and the music video for Lea’s hit single, “Cannonball.” Now, we are giving you our thoughts on some of our favorite songs!

One thing that many people are beginning to notice as they listen to the album is that the lyrics are much stronger than expected.  Why? Cory Monteith, Lea’s Glee co-star and real-life love, passed away unexpectedly last year.  It is clear that this album was influenced heavily by their relationship and, with him being gone, it is so much more poignant.  

In a recent video series, Lea discusses each track from the album.  She says that she loves pop, but she wanted to have an album that was more than just Katy Perry and Lady Gaga-type numbers, which led her to the ballads that made their way onto the album.  She also co-wrote several songs on the album!

“Cannonball” and “Battlefield,” as we mentioned in our earlier post, have been very successful since their releases.  “What Is Love?” was also released early and, while it is a beautiful song, is just not as catchy to me as the other tracks. (Note: “What is Love?” is available only on the Deluxe Edition of Louder).   “Thousand Needles” is another depressing ballad , much like “Battlefield” and “If You Say So,” about the pain that comes with love.  “Gone Tonight” (Bonus Track) is another semi-upbeat number that reminds listeners of a Katy Perry tune about “going forward.”  Another hopeful track like “Cannonball” (but with less dancing to it!).

“On My Way” – “‘Cuz I, I know my heart’s too drunk to drive / But I’m on my way to you tonight.”   In a similar way, “Burn With You” – “I don’t want to go to heaven if you’re going to hell / I will burn with you.”  These haunting lyrics seem very applicable after recent events in the world of Glee and we are able to see fully the love that Lea had for Cory.

“You’re Mine” – Since Cory Monteith’s passing, Lea has made it clear that “You’re Mine” was Cory’s favorite song from the album.  She says that he was a big part of the process, especially in offering feedback on the tracks that she had recorded prior to his death.  She says that this song was one of Cory’s favorites.  “You’re mine, for life / And I’ll be by your side / We are entwined / You’re mine, for life / Hold me until we die / I’m yours and you are mine” are powerful lyrics that show fans the future that the couple had in mind.  Listen here.

“Louder” is the title track is a bouncy number that Lea says is that one song where you just have to dance! I totally agree! The message of the song is to get up and be loud – simple enough.  Get up the confidence and say what you want to say;  “I just wanna hear your voice / Don’t be afraid. / Why don’t you scream a little louder.”  Check out this video of Lea singing “Louder” for Walmart Soundcheck:

“Cue the Rain” – In a recent interview with, Lea says, “The song is a story of something that happened to me in my life and while I was driving home one night this certain thing happened and it started raining right then and that is how I got the inspiration to write ‘Cue The Rain.'” If you haven’t heard the track, listen here.

“Don’t Let Go” is an upbeat song that is very reminiscent of a Katy Perry tune.  Mike Ayers, from, says that a majority of the songs on Louder sound like they could be played at junior high dances.  I have to say that this song is a perfect example of that description.  

“Empty Handed” is another ballad that really speaks to the audience.  “If I fell into you / would it be close enough / If I finally let you in / would you show me what love is / If I had nothing to give” – basically, if I open myself to you, would you love me?  That song is so relative to many people, it is probably one of the better songs on the album!  Listen here!

“If You Say So” – This is the highly anticipated track that is the tribute to Cory Monteith, who passed away unexpectedly in 2013.  In addition to this song, Lea also dedicates the album to Cory.  The title of the song is the last thing that Cory said to Lea.  “Seven whole days” reverberates throughout the song, with each other line illustrating the pure hell that Lea has gone through since Cory’s passing.  “You said, ‘I love you, girl.’ / I said, ‘I love you more.’ / Then a breath, a pause. / You said, ‘If you say so.'” Listen here.

“The Bells” (Bonus Track) – According to the previously mentioned interview with, Sony has held the song for Lea since 2009, when she started planning a solo album.  In fact, it was the first song she recorded when the process began!  However, it is another example of how the lyrics seem so perfect for Lea right now.  “I can’t break the spell / I still hear you every place / You don’t know what you left in your wake / I guess I’m not so well.”  Listen here.

Check out Lea’s Website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vevo and tumblr.  

Also, be sure to get your copy of Louder from iTunes and Amazon!

Please note: these are only our interpretations of the lyrics and what they could possibly mean to Lea.

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