Theater People: Michael Urie

Episode six of the incredible Theater People podcast brings us an interview with the fabulously talented Michael Urie. You may know Michael from his role on Ugly Betty, as Bud Frump in How to Succeed or from his current role in the one-man play Buyer and Cellar.  He the podcast,and his interview with Patrick, is insightful and wildly entertaining.

Listen here!

The interview begins with an insight into Michael’s background, such as the fact that he is actually a classically trained graduate of Julliard’s prestigious drama division.  He is currently starring in the off-Broadway play Buyer and Cellar recounts a synopsis of the play (which sounds amazing) and talks about his time with the show so far, in which he plays seven characters.  He discusses what would happen if something went terribly wrong during the show and whether or not he has pages of the script in books around the set.

It’s so interesting to hear from actors about their education and their process and how they feel the two things are intertwined.  It is especially interesting given that actors bring different walks of life and educational backgrounds to the roles they play.  Michael Urie is no exception.  Patrick and Michael discuss  his process and his experience with playing multiple characters.  It is very intriguing to hear his answer given his formal education in the dramatic arts.  Especially interesting is how he chose to play the character of Barbra Streisand in the play.

You can’t talk to Michael Urie and not talk about Ugly Betty! Interestingly enough, he was only supposed to be in the pilot episode as a co-star, but his immediate friendship with Vanessa Williams, and her subsequent advice, helped him become a series regular.

They go on to discuss Michael’s time in New York and experience with theater beginning with The Temperamentals.  They go on to talk about Angels in America and Michael’s extensive experience with the play and book.  They end by talking about his Broadway debut in How to Succeed and how he “weaseled his way in” to the part.

This episode, like every episode they put out, is 100% worth the listen! Go listen to it immediately and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and follow them on twitter!


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