Theater People: Andrew Keenan Bolger

Another great episode is coming your way from Theater People!  This week: Andrew Keenan-Bolger. Having been on Broadway for most of his life, Bolger is most known for his portrayal of Crutchie in Newsies and his wonderful creation: the web series Submissions Only.  However, he has also been seen in Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, Seussical, and A Christmas Carol!  As Patrick notes, Andrew is not only able to act and sing (“it’s in his blood”), he is a writer, director, and a cinematographer.

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Listen to the full interview here!

Patrick, as a new fan of Submissions Onlywanted to know just how the show came to be.  Andrew says that he met his co-creator, Kate Wetherhead, in a production in Dallas, Texas.  Once the show was over, both of them were unemployed and moving back to NYC.  Around that time, her husband suggested that they create a web series.  From there, the ideas came flooding into their minds.  Andrew states that he had no idea what he was doing in terms of film-making and read books about filming and watching videos online to learn his technique.  Luckily, the show is popular now that they have experienced staff to help them with production.  
The show follows actors auditioning in NYC.  The third series, which premiered March 3, focuses on the development of a musical within the show.  The interactions between the characters brings the comedy to life, in addition to the professional situations that the characters find themselves in.   
Another fun part of the series is that show has had many guest stars.  Some of the most recent include Kelli O’Hara, Chita Rivera, Jeremy Jordan, Kristin Chenoweth, Will Sweson, Adam Pascal, former Theater People guests Annaleigh Ashford and Michael Urie, and Hunter Foster among others.  
After discussing the show, the duo moves on to twitter questions.  One of our favorite questions was “What role would you play right now?”  Andrew says he would want to be Girl in Once.  Another thing that Andrew tells a twitter fan, that his dream role is to star opposite his sisters, Maggie and Celia.  He answers several other questions, so take some time to listen to the podcast!!!

Another big part of Andrew’s career is originating the role of Crutchie in Newsies.  Patrick notes that the show is a Disney underdog, which is partially due to the fact the original film was a bomb.  However, the show was a smash on Broadway.

The interview also covers Keenan-Bolger family history, including growing up with Sutton and Hunter Foster!  Andrew made his Broadway debut in Beauty and the Beast, which begins his record as a Disney performer.  Once Andrew and Maggie were introduced to the world of performing on Broadway, the Keenan-Bolger family moved to NYC to help the kids’ theatre careers thrive.  He made his “adult” Broadway debut in Mary Poppins.  What a life!

Guys, this is an amazing interview. So, PLEASE check it out!!!

For more information about Andrew, check out his website and follow him on twitter!

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