Album Review: Lights Out – Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid Michaelson has been flying under the radar for most of her career, finding her greatest success from her songs’ placement on various television shows and commercials, such as Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree HillHer pen-ultimo album, Human Again, gained her greater exposure and success peaking at #5 on the Billboard 200 and #1 on U.S. iTunes charts.  Her new album, Lights Out, proves to be her best work yet. 

I cannot say enough amazing things about the album! Michaelson pours out her heart and soul breathing life into every track, every note.  She sings of loves lost, love found and life itself.  The album has a more pop sound than her previous albums with the pop-synth sound of “Handsome Hands”, and the more upbeat tacks such as “Girls Chase Boys” and “Afterlife”.  The album still has the simple, yet powerful, feel that is expected, and welcomed, from singer-songwriters.  It is composed of songs that require active listening in order to understand their true depth with a dash of songs that are just fun to sing along with.

Human Again was a great album in and of itself, but the inclusion of other artists on this album adds a layer of variety which aids in taking the album to a completely different level.  Adding another voice to a song provides the potential to explore two intertwining perspectives within one story which Michaelson is able to do well with Storyman and Mat Kearney, as well as the other artists on the album. 

The music on Lights Out is poetically simple and alive.  It combines a tracklist of varied sounds into a harmonious mix that plays seamlessly together.  If she keeps working to improve her craft and refine her sound I can’t imagine how amazing future albums will be. 

Buy the album and see her live when she comes to your town!


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