Seth Rudetsky Deconstructs Broadway

Seth Rudetsky, Broadway actor, comedian, musical director, and Sirius/XM Radio host, brought Deconstructing Broadway to the Durham School of the Arts.  As in the style of his videos, he deconstructs recordings of everyone from Patti Lupone to Bea Arthur, with a sprinkle of Carly Simon and Cher.

The event was a sort of  lecture on how to deconstruct Broadway videos and audio, that is if lectures were incredibly hilarious and entertaining.  All learning should be so enjoyable; we learned as we laughed so hard that our sides ached.

Seth knows Broadway backward and forward, as he lip synched every song perfectly, stopping only to point out vibrato, head voice, chest voice, whether the singer was on key, and other technical details.  And, as his listeners know, his show would not be complete without his use of “amahzing,” explaining the two proper uses of the term and providing examples for each.  The show was hilarious, and informative and we plan to deconstruct every song we have ever loved, but only after we spend hours deconstructing The Brady Bunch Variety Hour.

Aside from deconstructing Broadway, Seth is also an author.  He has penned three books, the most recent of which is an amazing novel.  The Q Guide to Broadway is the ultimate insider’s look to Broadway, as Seth demonstrates his incredible knowledge of musical theatre, Broadway Nights, and My Awesome (Awful) Popularity Plan are novels that capture the reader’s instant attention and leave them wanting more. Even in those two works, his love of musical theatre shines through.

If you get the chance to see Seth deconstruct Broadway live or have the chance to take a master class with him, do it! You won’t be disappointed!

Keep up with all of the amazing things Seth has going on with TwitterSeth TV, and Sirius/XM channel 72.


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