John Barrowman – "You Raise Me Up" Review

Okay.  Who doesn’t love John Barrowman? After all, he is the most awesome guy in the world. Not only is he known for his role as Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who and Torchwood, but he is also known for his incredible talent as a singer.

His newest album, You Raise Me Up, was released through a partnership with PledgeMusic.  This partnership allowed fans to be involved in the creation of the album.  John’s intent for the album? To present some of his favorite songs and songs that his fans want to hear.  Was he successful? Absolutely!

A Thousand Years – This Christina Perri cover is brilliant.  As it is a contemporary track that younger audiences will know by heart, John is giving a new flare to Christina Perri’s hit.  If I didn’t already love the song, John’s performance would make me fall in love.
Listen to the Music – This track from the Doobie Brothers is awesome! This track seems to be John’s personal message to his fans “to dance the blues away” and “listen to the music.”  And yet again, his passion and energy for the piece shine through.
You Raise Me Up – Released on Josh Groban’s album, Closer, in 2003, this track is one of the greatest songs of our time.  Having been covered by over one hundred artists, this piece is easliy recognized and awe-inspiring.  Just like almost every other cover, John begins the piece like a soft lullaby and the piece crescendos into a wall of sound that fills every listener with warmth and happiness.  
Skyscraper – Demi Lovato’s hit features beautiful and inspiring lyrics and a catchy melody.  John, as a performer who brings so much emotion to his performances, is able to bring the song to a higher level.  
Mandy – This Barry Manilow cover is well-done.  While “Mandy” may be a track most known to older generations, John’s popularity among younger audiences may bring about a surge of interest in the piece.
That’s the Way It Is – This track made its debut in 1999 on Celine Dion’s album All the Way…A Decade of Song.  As this is one of my favorite songs ever, I was excited to hear John’s interpretation. It is simple, yet powerful.  While I was secretly hoping to hear him replicate some of Celine’s runs, his simple interpretation is well done.
Bridge Over Troubled Water – This classic track from Simon and Garfunkel (who ever thought that phrase would exist?) is exquisite.  The only duet on the track features guest performer Ashleigh Gray (from the London production of Wicked).  The powerful number brought me to tears, which was unexpected.  And let me be clear, they were happy tears.
Goodbye My Friend – This Linda Rondstadt number from 1989 would have been a great final track.  Almost as a blessing from John to his listeners with promises of further music and projects! 
This Is The Moment – Suprisingly, this is the only track that points to John’s past in musical theatre.  From the musical Jekyll & Hyde, this number follows the path of the other numbers on this album.  It is filled with hope and power.  As John sings the piece, I can’t help but think that this is the best song on the album.  To me, this is John Barrowman at his best.
Hollywood – This poppy tune was originally recorded by Michael Buble and is another salute to John’s younger fans.  John knows which songs make his fans happy, and this one will definitely get the job done!
Loch Lomond – This Scottish classic was released in 1841 and is a great piece.  While I believe that “Goodbye My Friend” would have been a great closing number, the lyrics make this number a great way to end the album: “Fir me an’ my true love will ne’er meet again / on the bonnie, bonnie banks o’ Loch Lomon.'” Almost as though John is saying goodbye to the creation process of the album.  

And if anyone is still questioning how awesome he is, here is John singing a song that most everyone knows or has at least heard of:

For more information about John, check out his official website.  And be sure to follow John on twitter!
And if anyone is interested, check out his CDs, books, and concerts on iTunes and Amazon.
Also, here is the link for John’s newest album, You Raise Me Up, on iTunes and Amazon.
Many thanks to the person who posted the used video to youtube.  

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