NBC’s Peter Pan Live!

Following the success of last year’s The Sound of Music Live! starring Carrie Underwood, NBC decided to make it an annual holiday tradition to produce a one night only live performance of a musical and chose, this year, to tackle Peter Pan.  

This is the fourth time that this version of Peter Pan has been on NBC.  The original Peter was Mary Martin, followed by Sandy Duncan and Cathy Rigby, and this year’s Peter is played by Allison Williams. Other casting for Peter Pan Live! included Christopher Walken as Captain Hook, Kelli O’Hara as Mrs. Darling, Christian Borle as Smee and Mr. Darling,  Taylor Louderman as Wendy Darling, Minnie Driver as the narrator and adult Wendy Darling, and a host of familiar faces as the ensemble of Lost Boys and Pirates including Ryan Steele and John Arthur Greene.  

Allison Williams was phenomenal! She brought a delightful and energetic presence to the character of Peter Pan.  Williams is a great actress and her singing was on par for the role and key of the songs, “I Won’t Grow Up” and “Neverland” were particularly well performed and entertaining.  She did a great job in continuing the legacy set by the women who have come before her in playing Peter Pan. 

Christopher Walken’s acting was on par but his singing left something to be desired, but overall he played the part well.  Kelli O’Hara was incredible (as always) as Mrs.Darling and Christian Borle demonstrated his diversity as an actor by playing both Mr.Darling and Smee.  John Allyn and Jake Lucas were adorable as John and Michael Darling; their singing and dancing was impressive. Taylor Louderman played a great Wendy and has a great voice as demonstrated in “Only Pretend.”

The show was well choreographed and staged.  The sets were also impressive and lent themselves well to the action of the musical.  Comparing this year’s musical to last year’s adaptation of The Sound of Music is difficult because both were well done, but are also very different musicals with very different set and choreography needs.  

Watch The Making of Peter Pan Live.

The DVD and soundtrack for the show will be available December 16th.
The soundtrack tracklist is as follows:
1. “Overture”
2. “Tender Shepherd”
3. “Peter Flies In”
4. “I Gotta Crow”
5. “Neverland”
6. “I’m Flying”
7. “Pirate March”
8. “Vengeance”
9. “The Usual Rivalries”
10. “Hook’s Tango”
11. “Wendy”
12. “Hook’s Tarantella”
13. “I Won’t Grow Up”
14. “Mermaids Lagoon”
15. “Only Pretend”
16. “Wonderful World Without Peter”17. “True Blood Brothers”
18. “Distant Melody”
19. “When I Went Home”
20. “I’m Flying (reprise)”
21. “Hook’s Waltz”
22. “The Fight”
23. “I Gotta Crow (reprise)”
24. “Only Pretend (reprise)/Tender Shepherd (reprise)”
25. I Won’t Grow Up (reprise)
26. Finale Ultimo: Neverland (reprise) 

Get more information about NBC’s Peter Pan Live! here.


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